Plan Your Launch Like a Pro

Want a panic-free program launch that gets results?

Learn the planning secrets professional Project Managers use to organize launches (even if you're seriously disorganized.)


In this FREE 1-hour training, I'll teach you:

  • How to craft your easy step-by-step roadmap so your program launches stop feeling like total chaos (and you gain the confidence that you're reaching more of your ideal client)
  • How to customize your plan to YOUR availability, YOUR schedule, and YOUR unique program or offer (no cookie-cutter calendars, please!)
  • How to set deadlines you can keep so you can actually finish what you start (and stop working 12-hour days to get it all done)


I'm Kate Hutcheson, a project manager and virtual assistant for creative women entrepreneurs. 

I have over 10 years' experience helping both DIY solopreneurs and multi-6-figure earners get more clients, wrangle complex projects, and produce stellar content. I excel in listening to the big ideas, then creating the step-by-step plans that bring your ideas to life.

Kate Hutcheson Project Manager Virtual Assistant

See what others have said about the free Plan Like a Pro Training

Being able to see my process visually and thinking through it like this takes a lot of the overwhelm out of it (and overwhelm is something that freezes me in my tracks.) 

Your whole process makes so much sense. You just made my day! 

- Lela Rohrer Stech, Selway Studios

Lela Rohrer Stech

Erika Dillon

I can see this process working really well for when I'm planning my calendar creation & marketing. Even though I've done that process for 3 years & know what my steps are, I always forget certain steps. 

Mapping it out will make it a lot easier for me to stay on track & not miss those little things that are actually really important. 

-Erika Dillon, Hand-Lettering Sans Bullshit